Hugh Evans III

Hugh Evans III

Founding Partner

CalBRE# 00997121
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Since 1990 I have successfully negotiated the purchase, sale, financing and development of real estate transactions totaling over $2.5 billion. My 25 years in the real estate industry encompass a broader range of experience than virtually any other broker in the area.

I have attracted clients with my holistic approach to buying and selling homes, and my work consistently reflects my belief that a home influences every aspect of your life – who you meet, what you do on the weekends, where you work, where your kids go to school; every relationship you develop throughout your lifetime is influenced tremendously by where you live. For this reason, I’m satisfied when I find the best home to fit my clients’ personalities, values, and lifestyles.

In addition to being an agent, I develop homes in some of the most prominent neighborhoods in Southern California. My custom built homes continue to set the high water mark for sales in Brentwood Park and the Pacific Palisades.

Currently, my wife of 8 years, Lauren, and I live in Pacific Palisades with our two labs, Maggie and Jack, and our five-year-old daughter, McKay and our son Hugh IV born in January. We really take pleasure in mingling with our friends and neighbors at the local farmers market on Sunday’s, followed by brunch at Mayberry’s and let’s not forget the ever so essential pit-stop by Baskin Robbins 31 flavors for a healthy dose of Classic Chocolate, Coffee Delight or whatever else the heart desires!

Recently we purchased a home in Pacific Palisades, which for me epitomizes a sense of family and community. I consider it to be one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles and I am fortunate to be starting our family in a beautiful home there. When I am not working, I enjoy golfing, skiing, and family walks with Lauren, McKay, Maggie, and Jack; although like many dog owners, it’s not clear to me who actually walks who!

Lauren and I really enjoy traveling as well. One of our many favorite places in California to visit is Ojai Valley Inn where we held our wedding ceremony. It’s such a serene, relaxing place in an intimate setting with a breathtaking backdrop of the Topa Topa Mountains. A perfect location to unwind and rejuvenate; and as we all know, “Location, Location, Location” is everything.

It is my life experience as a family man and my work as an agent and developer that has given me a first-hand perspective of the tremendous pressure and emotions involved in buying or selling a home. These attributes have driven me to develop long-term partnerships and friendships with my home-owner clients.

My wife and I had been looking for a new property for five years. We had some great brokers, but just couldn’t seem to find precisely what we were looking for. Hugh knew we had always been interested in the Amalfi area, and one day I got a call: Brad, there’s a great house up for sale. I think you need to see it. It was exactly what we had been looking for. Within a week, it was ours. Truthfully, if we had worked with Hugh from the start, we could have found our dream property years ago. Of all the professionals I have worked with (and I deal with hundreds) Hugh truly stands apart. He gives straight answers, excellent guidance, and most importantly, he listens. And that makes all the difference.

— Brad Globe

Selling or buying a house isn’t just a transaction, it’s a very personal situation. I was buying and selling simultaneously, and it was incredibly tenuous. One misstep or mistiming and I could have been left exposed in escrow. I needed someone who would go the extra mile to truly understand my needs, my situation, my market value. I had to be confident I wouldn’t be handled like just another routine real estate transaction. Put it this way, Hugh fulfilled and exceeded every one of my expectations. With unbelievable finesse, he made sure everything closed like clockwork. That piece of mind alone was worth its weight in gold.

— Peter Best

There are no two ways about it, Hugh knows his stuff. We were moving back to California from Japan and had an important deadline: the impending school year. With only business trips and vacations to look at houses, we had to rely on Hugh to be completely prepared for the little time we had with him. When we made an inquiry, Hugh had the answer. When we asked for very specific criteria, he searched exhaustively to find it for us. When we said we wanted to close escrow within 12 days, he made sure it closed within 12 days. His execution is flawless. It may seem obvious, but throughout all our years working with people in the real estate business, you just can’t find this level of professionalism, service and expertise in every broker.

— Cheryl Marino

Working with Hugh went beyond the standard process of buying a house. Hugh took the time to make sure everything was just as I wanted it each step of the way. First, he understood my priority list and what I was looking for. We searched all over the Westside for a tear-down, and Hugh came across a property with just the right bones for something special. Once we found it, he secured an excellent price, and then bought me all the time I needed to get the permit and remodeling plans in place before we closed. He put me in touch with his best architectural contacts. His assistant was always so very helpful. Hugh did all the things that were important to me. With Hugh everything is accomplished easily and effectively.

— Jack Getzelman

Hugh is not one to waste your time. He produces results. We were looking on two specific streets in the Palisades, and we knew it could be a decade before something happened. But Hugh was on top of it the moment a property went up for sale, and tipped us off a full day before it went on the market. It held all the potential for a grueling bidding war: the lot had a gorgeous view in a desirable neighborhood, and the market was very hot. By the time we got there, people were already starting to bid on it. But Hugh got in the car and drove over an hour away to meet the seller and show her how serious we were. He succeeded in getting our bid in first, and it was this zeal that helped convince her that we were the right buyers! Hugh is that dedicated to his clients.

— Laurel Beyer

I have complete trust in Hugh Evans. Without ever meeting me in person, he found a home that fits me perfectly, and handled every aspect of the process so that I never once had to worry.

— Wendy Simpson

Hugh's background as a builder of homes gives him a unique perspective, tremendous expertise, and the sophistication necessary to find the right home for his clients.

— Patty Pappas

Hugh has a level of professionalism that is simply unrivaled. He seeks to understand the subtleties of the market, the buildings and each individual client. And he does whatever it takes to successfully sell a property.

— Chris Liebes

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